Writing for Social Media

How to Craft an Authentic Brand & Make Content that Resonates: A 6-Week Journey into Creativity & Self-Discovery with James McCrae

A self-paced video course.

Writing for social media is an intensive six-week online course designed to teach you everything you ever wanted to know about crafting your message and expressing yourself in the age of social media.

About the Class

Social media provides us with an amazing opportunity to share our ideas, connect with others, and grow an audience around our art, our musings, and our services.

But writing for social media is unlike any other form of writing. In the age of algorithms and short attention spans, it’s easy to feel invisible. Plus, it can be daunting and embarrassing to make our inner worlds public, especially in the crowded and competitive social media landscape. The good news is that following a few strategic guidelines will empower you to write and share with authenticity and confidence. 

Whether you are a creative writer, an aspiring author, or an entrepreneur or marketer looking to grow your business, this class (half creative, half strategy) will give you the tools to find your voice, cultivate your message, craft a unique style, and attract an audience with compelling and original content.

Who this class is for:

This isn't merely a class about marketing or copywriting. It's about learning to make an impact by sharing your message with potency and purpose.

  • Anyone looking to master short-form writing
  • Both expert and novice creators
  • Brands and marketers looking to stand out
  • Writers and creators who want to grow their audience
  • Anyone who wants to improve their relationship with social media
  • Individuals looking to define their message and bring their purpose to the public

Topics we'll cover:

  • Naming, handles, and bios
  • Style, topics, and tone-of-voice
  • Defining your audience
  • Thinking and writing in headlines
  • Mastering various content types
  • Opening your channel of creativity
  • Marketing with style and integrity
  • Engaging with your community
  • Dealing with negative feedback
  • Rituals for consistent content creation

"James has profoundly transformed my life trajectory. He gave me the tools to express myself and be an active contributor to the world I want to create. A true visionary who is generously sharing his wisdom and co-creating a safe space for his clients.”

– Zelda Poem
Writer & Educator

About Your Teacher

James McCrae (@wordsarevibrations) is a bestselling author, meme poet, and creativity teacher. As a brand strategist on Madison Avenue for 10+ years, he has worked with top brands to develop messaging, mission statements, taglines, and marketing campaigns. 

His writing has appeared in Forbes, HuffPost, Entrepreneur, and Thought Catalog, as well as numerous poetry magazines. He has published three books and collected a loyal social media following around his viral memes and short form writing. 

He is the founder of Sunflower Club, a community for conscious creativity, and Meme School, the first class to teach the art of science of making memes. James lives in Austin, TX.

Self-Paced Class Agenda:


Your Personalized Social Media Blueprint: A Cheat Sheet for Creating Compelling & Authentic Content

Throughout the course, we will be co-creating a personalized social media blueprint, empowering you to apply your new strategy on an ongoing basis.

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