Creative Transformation

James McCrae is an author, poet, and teacher who empowers creators to embody their inner artist and turn imagination into reality.

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New Book:

The Art of You

The Essential Guidebook for Reclaiming Your Creativity

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Sh#t Your Ego Says

A captivating and inspirational book about making friends with your mind.

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How to Laugh in Ironic Amusement During Your Existential Crisis

Poetry + memes 

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Brand + Creative Mentorship

I work with writers, content creators, and brands to elevate your message, develop projects, and bring your purpose to the public.

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October 2024 Retreat

"The Art of Your Higher Self" with Bunny Michael

Are you ready to rediscover your creative nature and Higher Self? Join renowned authors and creatives James McCrae and Bunny Michael for a weekend of self-discovery, expression, transformation, and community.

October 4 – 6 in Boone, North Carolina

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