Sh#t Your Ego Says, the debut book by James McCrae, is now available!

Sometimes failure can lead to transformation.

In 2012, James McCrae left behind a comfortable life in Minnesota and a successful career in advertising to move to New York City to pursue his dreams of being a writer. Soon after he arrived, Hurricane Sandy ripped through the eastern seaboard. New York City was underwater, and James – already jobless and running out of money – was suddenly homeless. Taking refuge on the island of Culebra, James sat alone on Flamenco Beach while his greatest doubts and insecurities rose to the surface. What he discovered was his Ego, and it had a lot of sh#t to say.


This story of adventure and transformation reminds us that we all have two voices inside us – the Ego and the Higher Self. The Ego is our reactive, attached mind that tells us that we are victims of circumstance. The Higher Self is our source of intuition and imagination that reminds us that we are the creators of our reality. Sh#t Your Ego Says (Hay House) sheds light on the critical battle between these voices.


With arresting honesty and compelling prose, James has outlined practical strategies for overthrowing the Ego and reclaiming a life of creativity and freedom. Whether you are looking to achieve meaningful career success, improve your relationships, or unlock your imagination, this book provides a no-nonsense roadmap to living with purpose.

The Ego says we have limits.
The Higher Self knows that limits are a matter of perception.

The Ego attempts to make outcomes happen by force.
The Higher Self flows with our inner nature.

The Ego says we are victims of circumstance.
The Higher Self knows that we co-create our reality.

What readers are saying…

I love this book!
— Dr. Kelly Brogan
This book is highlighted more than any other book I have read.
— Garrit Campbell
A beautiful piece of art.
— Becky Landers
On occasion, you open a book where you read the first chapter and can’t seem to put it down. This is Sh#t Your Ego Says! This page turner of a book will inspire you to change how you think.
— Alice Sydow
This book will remain in my life as a teacher.
— Robert Lutsky
I’ve learned so much from this book in such a short period of time, I can’t even begin to explain.
— Shannon Hearst
The day I finished the book is the day I realized my purpose. I cannot thank James McCrae enough for providing insight and inspiration that helped guide the way.
— Puja Robinson