Awaken Your Inner Artist & Bring Your Purpose to the Public

I work with clients to unlock their creative potential, create compelling content, and craft an authentic and impactful brand. 

Dear Creator, Your Time is Now

The world is quickly changing. Old systems are being disrupted while social media and other decentralized platforms have made it possible for everyone to make an impact and initiate positive change.

In this brave new world, creativity and authenticity are currency. Creativity is not just about making art. It's about using intuition and purpose to navigate uncertainty and find a new path in the chaos.

The inner artist is being called to action. We need what you have to share.

Let's Collaborate

Do you have a message to share? Would you like to build or enhance a brand rooted in authenticity and purpose? Are you looking to create compelling content or launch a project? Do you want to break through creative blocks and step into your highest potential?

Part coach, consultant, creative director, and mentor, I'll help guide your journey and bring your vision to life.

Areas of Focus: 

  • Brand + digital strategy
  • Launching podcasts, courses, books, etc.
  • Social media content
  • Naming + messaging
  • Creative expansion
  • Cultivating intuition + mindfulness
  • Marketing with authenticity
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"Working with James as a creative mentor was such a gift.  I left with great insights and  strategies, but also feeling more confident in my own creative impulses. Beyond his talent, James is a really thoughtful and conscientious teacher and I always felt like he actually cared about helping me! Anyone who gets to work with James is in for a real treat."

– Amanda Baudier
Coach & Mentor

“I went from being, 'I’m a creative mess' to 'I’m a creative genius who is about to pop off'. James is so incredibly kind and really helped me lay down the foundations for my voice and brand to blossom with his sharp perceptions. Work with him if you get a chance!”

– Tara Moraleda
Mindfulness + Abundance Coach

"Working with James was not only revitalizing to my business and expression, my whole life has shifted. I feel inspired, aligned with my message, and professional opportunities have been appearing out of nowhere! If you are a creator, healer,  teacher, or anyone looking to share your message without  compromising your values, James is the perfect match!"

– Cheyenne
Founder of SoulBodyHigh

Current Offerings

Meme School (Online Class)

The art & science of making memes, going viral & sharing your message online. A 3-week masterclass.

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3 Month Brand or Creative Mentorship

A three-month deep dive to collaborate on launching projects and branding with authenticity.

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90 Minute Brand Alchemy Session

A video consultation call to evaluate your goals, vision, and content, and define the best path forward. 

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