Sunflower Club: Creativity + Community

We believe in the democratization of creativity. It is human nature to create. Making art should not be reserved for a privileged class of professional artists. Our motto: it’s not about being good at creativity. It’s about creativity being good for you.

Creative Expression for Healing & Transformation

When an emotion is suppressed, it will fester beneath the surface and manifest as sickness or pain. The same thing happens with creativity. Making art of any kind is a healing modality that releases toxins and stuck energy.

Sunflower Club is an open forum for people to express their innate creativity. All modes of expression are welcome, from poetry to music to dance to storytelling.

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A Creative Ceremony

Peek inside the Sunflower Club one-year anniversary party, and watch Emma Zeck perform her song "Poet Soul." Live in Austin.


Host Your Own Sunflower Club

Sunflower Club is a decentralized network. Do you want to bring the healing power of creative expression to the own community? We’re here to help. If you’re interested in hosting a Sunflower Club in your town, please download the official guidelines. 

Have questions? Contact us.

Sunflower Club Guidelines