The Art of You: The Essential Guidebook for Reclaiming Your Creativity

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You are an artist (yes, you).


Creativity is not a rare skill to be accessed by a privileged few. Creativity is your nature, a sacred practice which awakens the inner child and offers medicine for the soul.

The Art of You unlocks the secrets of the creative process. Whatever form your art takes – writing, painting, music, business, performance, marketing, technology, or social media content – this book will help you actualize your unique higher purpose, turn your imagination into reality, and transform both yourself and the world around you.


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The Full Spectrum of Creativity


The Art of You is divided into two main sections: Yin (Creative Being) and Yang (Creative Doing). Both are essential to creativity.

Yin activities include: Setting an intention, finding inspiration, cultivating intuition, and restoring your energy. Yang activities include finding your style, experimenting with technique, launching projects, and growing an audience.

This book offers a blueprint, including practices and rituals, for each stage of the process.

What people are saying:

The Art of You offers great insights and steps on how to cultivate creativity. This is essential reading for anyone looking to share their unique experience, to foster deep connections, and to inspire others." 

– Yung Pueblo

"The Art of You embodies the message that creativity is the highest form of healing. If you're looking for an alternative to the typical spiritual path and to transmute your obstacles into your masterpieces, this book is for you."

– Sahara Rose

The Art of You is a poetic journey into finding your artistic voice and learning how to express it with passion and power.”

– IN-Q

“James McCrae demystifies the creative process, making it accessible to everyone with practical tools and tips. His work feels like gentle encouragement, bringing both playfulness and depth into what it means to be an artist.”

– Allie Michelle

"When you read The Art of You, it's like talking with James. You'll feel his wise, playful, and powerful creative guidance – and be left feeling like a whole new universe of possibilities has opened within you."

– Cory Allen

"The Art of You is an inspiring, pragmatic, and uplifting guide to creating fulfilling art and a fulfilling life."

– Tao Lin

Peek Inside

The Art of You is an engaging experience, featuring chapters, poems, memes, illustrations, and rituals.

In a world of increasing uncertainty, creativity is more important than ever. Creativity helps us navigate the unknown and build a better future.