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The Art of You Bonus Bundle is a series of free online classes and exclusive content available to anyone who orders The Art of You.

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30 Days of Creative Ritual: Online Challenge


Are you ready to deepen your writing or creative practice? Join James McCrae and a community of creators for The Art of You 30 Days of Creative Ritual Challenge. We will be committing to a creative practice for the month of April.

All modes of creativity and levels of talent are welcome. You can work on a book, social media content, poetry, comedy, music, or all of the above. You can also just give yourself a month to play around and try different things. It’s about fun, not perfection.

Challenge includes:

👉🏼 2 group calls (April 1 and April 30)

👉🏼 Weekly prompts and rituals

👉🏼 Online community support

Meet The Artist: An Exploration of Creativity, Ritual & Authentic Expression


Join James McCrae for a virtual event series, Meet The Artist, where he will chat with some of his favorite writers and creators. Events include: Book reading, special guest interviews audience Q&A, video replays

Featuring special guests:

Lalah Delia

"Writing as Ritual"

Video replay available now

Amy McNee

"The Inner Child vs. the Inner Critic"
Video replay available now 

Michell C. Clark

"Writing Your Own Story"
Date to be announced

Yung Pueblo

"Creativity, Mindfulness, and Healing"
Date to be announced

Sahara Rose

"Being a Creative Shapeshifter"
Date to be announced

Amanda Bucci

"Authentic Expression in the Age of Social Media"
Date to be announced

There's more!

The Bonus Bundle Also Includes:

The New Renaissance: Online Class

A video presentation by James McCrae about creativity as a tool for social impact and collective healing.

Inner Artist Guided Meditation

A guided meditation to help awaken the inner artist and find your creative purpose

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