Creative Intuition: Mindfulness Meets Creativity

A 3-Week Journey Into Creative Ideation, Flow State, and Tapping into a Higher Creative Consciousness

“I feel like I’m channeling ideas from somewhere else. I believe we all are. I believe we are vehicles for information. When it’s ready to come through, it comes through. And the people who have good antennas pick up the signal.” – Rick Rubin

About the course

Great writers and artists often say that their best ideas pop into their heads subconsciously, without effort or analysis. This isn’t because of luck or genius. It’s because they have cultivated their channel of intuition to be receptive to insights and inspiration from beyond the linear and logical ego-mind. 

In Creative Intuition, a 3-week online course led by James McCrae and kicking off June 2nd, we will be exploring the relationship between consciousness and creativity, and learning practical techniques to connect with higher intelligence to bring your imagination to life. 

Creative Intuition is not limited to writing or making art. It’s a methodology that can be applied to all forms of problem solving, from business to life to love and everything in between.

This class is for writers, artists, content creators, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking to take a quantum leap in creative ideation, achieve flow state, and integrate mindfulness into their creative process. 

Writing, Mindfulness, and Ideation Rituals to Transform Your Creative Process


Course includes:

  • 3 interactive sessions (2-3 hours each)
    • Presentation
    • Q&A
    • Group workshop
  • Weekly video homework, prompts, and rituals
  • Examples and resources from art and literary history
  • Lifetime access to course content

You will learn:

  • Mindfulness techniques for creativity and problem solving
  • Balancing being and doing in your creative practice
  • Overcoming blocks and achieving flow state
  • How to develop your own daily creative ritual
  • Practical steps for bringing ideas and projects to life

Weekly Agenda


Opening Your Channel of Inspiration

  • Mindfulness Lessons for Cultivating Consciousness
  • Meditation Practices, Recommended Reading, Etc.


Creative Receptivity: Attracting the Muse

  • June 2nd, 3pm EST
  • Cultivating Mindfulness
  • Creative Yin & Yang
  • Notebook Practices


Art Alchemy: Creativity for Healing & Transformation

  • June 9th, 3pm EST 
  • Visualization  & Embodiment
  • Working with Emotion
  • Prompts for Creation


Instinct in Action: Consulting the Inner Oracle

  • June 16th, 3pm EST 
  • Intuitive Problem Solving
  • Inspiration is a Habit
  • Developing Your Own Ritual

Meet Your Teacher 

James McCrae is an author, poet, and teacher at the intersection of creativity and mindfulness. He is the founder of Sunflower Club, a school and community dedicated to creativity as a tool for personal healing and social transformation.

As a creative strategist, he has worked with top brands and startups to define and actualize their message and mission. James is a longtime student of mindfulness and eastern philosophy, and is certified as a teacher of both meditation and Kundalini yoga.

His books include Sh#t Your Ego Says, How to Laugh in Ironic Amusement During Your Existential Crisis and The Art of You: The Essential Guidebook for Reclaiming Your Creativity.

"Working with James as a creative mentor was such a gift. His deep professional & creative experience underpins the mystical side of him that we all know and love from social media. Bringing those unique gifts together he helped me hone my offering in a way that was spiritually-guided but also practical. Beyond his talent, James is a really thoughtful and conscientious teacher who actually cared about helping me. Anyone who gets to work with him is in for a treat."

– Amanda Baudier, Coach & Entrepreneur

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Video Replays: $200 

Includes video replays of live classes, and full access all other course materials, allowing you to take the class at your own pace.

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