I Am Not Here

I am not
here to be
an influencer.
No part of me
is better
or more worthy
than any part
of you.

I am not
here to be right
or take a side.
There is already
enough bias
and too many

I am simply
here to share
my part
then listen
as we go around
the circle
taking turns.


Simple being
alive is holy
and the only
church worth
joining is
the inhale
and exhale
of oxygen and
carbon dioxide
shared by all
my friends
and enemies
and lovers
and haters
as we step
and stumble
and walk
each other

Magic happens
every moment
you release fear
and trust the flow.

Your best self
will trust yourself
to play the notes
you do not know.

There is wisdom
in the space
your thoughts.

It’s not about
trying harder.
Softness opens
doors that force
cannot move.

Buddha was
a good gambler.

Attachment is
a bad horse
to bet on.

My mind is messy
when my house is full
but my spirit is light
when my suitcase is heavy.

This Moment

Sometimes I resent
the present moment
and unfairly blame
my anger on her.

“You never give me
what I want
or act the way
a moment should.
Stop giving me verbs
when I want nouns
and change who you are
so I can be free.”

This moment
with a wise
smile replies,
“Let me be
who I am
and please don’t try
to change me.
I’ll allow you
to be truly free
if you will allow
the same for me.”


What I want is to open up,
to merge my body
with the energy around me,
to clean my subconscious
and burn the clutter in ritual,
to open my vocal chords
and hear the universe expand,
to inject my veins with sunlight
and bask in my aura's glow,
to become my breath
and exhale myself into Times Square
and wait for strangers to inhale,
to hallucinate the story of myself
until I open my eyes
and realize that I was dreaming,
to dissolve
into particles of awareness
and wake up inside a womb.

Don't worry about getting lost. 
If your work is good,
you are guaranteed to get lost. 
Give yourself space to wander.
Wandering leads to wondering, 
and wondering leads to revelation.

The ego searches
for certainty
that cannot
be found,
but the heart
accepts the
and finds
peace within
the mystery.

Certainty is a trap.

Only a blind person
holds an elephant’s tail
and claims to have caught
a snake.

There is great wisdom
in admitting what you
don’t know.

put faith
in a God
who doesn’t


When I remember
that real power
is soft, not hard
empty, not willful
balanced, not biased
wise, not clever
and from within
not from without
then I relax
knowing that
my only job
is to follow
my nature.

Thoughts are like waves
rising and crashing
on the ocean surface.
But I am not my thoughts.
I am the ocean depth,
still and unmoving
during the storm.

Bliss won't come
by chasing bliss
or hiding from pain,
but rather by accepting
life and ourselves
as it comes
and we are.

God exists
without form
in every
kind gesture.

“Don’t worry,” she said.
“The sky is not falling.
It has already fallen.
And now the stars are in our hands.”


I am strong enough
to be patient.

I am smart enough
to admit what I don’t know.

I am fierce enough
to seek peace.

I am handsome enough
to know it means nothing.

I am confident enough
to be awkward.

I am secure enough
to not avoid sadness.

I am relaxed enough
to be uncertain.

I am brave enough
to be nobody.

The most
radical act
in a world
that is sleeping
and numb
is to wake up
and feel.

A wise man
once said,
”I don’t know.”

Set your brain on fire.
It’s the fastest way
to open your mind.

Don’t mind me.
I’m just impatient
and enlightenment takes
too long.

The Ego mistakes
the world for a threat
and finds hope in fear
which soon shall cease.

But wisdom gives up
the need for safety
and therein attains
a deeper peace.

I am listening

Beyond the chatter
of the thinking mind,
deep within,
on the other side of ego,
there is a knowing voice
waiting for you
to let go
and say
“I am listening.”

You will always
find evidence
for what you choose
to believe.

Freedom is knowing
you have nothing
to prove.

just existing
is enough.

is reality

James McCrae