We are the universe learning to love itself


We are the universe learning to love itself, like a shelter animal learning to trust again. 

If you’re reading this in the future, I can’t imagine how we, in our now, must look to you, in yours.

Our sacred ceremonies were cigarette circles outside bars, four whiskeys deep.

Our love was the secrets we kept hidden while sharing our fears with anyone who would listen. 

Our hunger was a bottomless hole we tried to fill with everything we didn’t need.

Our prayer was a passive-aggressive comment tossed into the internet cosmos. 

Our meditation was impatiently refreshing social media apps waiting for someone (anyone) to reach through the screen and touch us. 

Our sex was a rushed and impersonal reenactment of bad porn.

Our soul’s energy leaked like a broken faucet, feeding vampires instead of our higher purpose.

Our salvation was a paycheck and six hours of dreamless sleep.

But on our best days we were also radiant, like a brilliant child not yet fully formed, and you could almost see our light shining through our shadows.

James McCrae