The flower comes last


First comes the rain 
that wets the soil.

A seed cracks 
open – the first 

A tiny thread 
becomes a stem 
that stretches 
upward toward 
the warm sun.

New life stirs
below the surface,
but above ground
no evidence of 
growth is seen.

When the tip 
like a mighty spear
pokes above the 
dirt to finally see 
the light of day,
it’s a cause 
for celebration.
But there’s still 
plenty of work 
to be done.

The journey from 
seed to blossom
doesn’t happen 

Those colorful,
fragrant petals 
that inspire awe
from photographers,
women, and bees
are the final fruits
of strong roots
grown alone
in darkness.

So have patience.
The flower
comes last.

James McCrae