A good host


When the winds of change 
come knocking on your door 
(as they do to every door
sooner or later)
don’t turn off the lights 
or hide behind the curtains. 
Try to be a good host. 

Open the door, force a smile, 
and invite them inside 
for a cup of coffee. 

Don’t say much. Just listen. 
Those winds have been 
around the block many times
and have some fascinating 
stories to tell. 

And when the coffee is finished
and those same winds 
drag you away, blindfolded, 
into the unmarked van 
parked outside, 

don’t scream for help 
or try to run away. 
Just go.

They will take you 
to the next place
you need to be, 
whether you like it 
or not. 

James McCrae